MeAndYou News & Updates
  • 4/6/16 - Updated UI with several new features.
  • 4/15/17 - Updating the Database features with a new data model.
  • 4/24/17 - Getting the system prepared to show to Professor Jonas, in order to gather feedback from the client on how to improve it, with 3 weeks left in the class.
  • 7/18/17 - Getting the website ready to show to Professor Jonas at the completion of COMP 895 - two weeks to go! Now running on Linux!
  • 6/8/18 - Rebuilding the website on Amazon AWS, using multiple EC2 instances and Aurora for Database. This is Patrick R. McElhiney's Master's Thesis Project under the direction of Professor Michael Jonas at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester!
  • 6/29/2018 - Patrick McElhiney has been programming MeAndYou consistently for several weeks now, adding new features and modernizing the code for scalability purposes.
Site Statistics
  • 237 registered users.
  • 45905 matches have been made since the site's creation.
  • 100% average match score (accuracy).
  • 188 searches are currently looking for Crushes.
  • 160 searches are currently looking for Friends.
  • 43 searches are currently looking for Family Members.
  • 40 searches are currently looking for Long Lost Love.